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The aim of this blog post is to give you some introductory notes to the acids and bases unit. I have just been covering this online with my IB2 class so I thought it was worth sharing what we have been looking at. You could copy and paste these into a word document and have […]了解更多

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乙烯,C2H4is a colorless and odorless gas. It doesn’t sound that interesting does it? However, do not be fooled by appearances. It is a much more interesting molecule than you may realise. In addition, what helps to make it so interesting? It is the double bond. If we were looking at its alkane counterpart, […]了解更多

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抗病毒药物 - 药物化学 - D5


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目前,磨破的三分之一左右ld’s population is under lockdown, so if you are reading this blog, there is a good chance that this applies to you. If it does, I hope things are going as well as they can. Have a look at my previous blog post on working from home if your […]了解更多

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It’s April and, given the strange times we are living through, many slightly confused 2nd year students are asking me questions about the visual arts upload process. Here are some of their questions and my answers: 1 What if I am only able to submit one or two of the three course visual arts course […]了解更多

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Working from home if your school is closed


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Who are the key Theatre Theorists? – The Solo Theatre Piece

This blog will look at what sources you can go to that will help you see who the key theorists are. Links to resources will then help you start to research your theorist referring to primary and secondary sources.了解更多

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理解平衡 - 先进的东西!


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我应该如何选择在IB视觉艺术我对我比较研究的作品?- 这是一个问题,你问你的老师,你的朋友和/或你的父母?这是重要的,你做出正确的选择,特别是如果你是更高级别的学生与标准(以自己的艺术创作的连接)的F影响。了解更多

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Still-Life and Artistic Collaboration


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Stuck at home because your school has closed?


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Getting ready for the IA Chemistry


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Forms of reflection – for all assessment tasks


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The Comparative Study – answers to questions


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The Collaborative Project – the processes involved

In IB Theatre, the Collaborative Project is the only task that you do in the course where you are working with others over a period of time to create a piece of original theatre.了解更多

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Understanding equilibrium – the basics

IB Chemistry - Understanding equilibrium, the basics. A good example of a reversible reaction is that of blue hydrated copper sulfate that can be heated to form white anhydrous copper sulfate. The heating process drives off the water. This reaction can easily be reversed by adding water to the white anhydrous copper sulfate.了解更多

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The Chemistry internal assessment (or IA) is worth 20% of your final grade. It is assessed by your teacher and then your teachers marking is looked at by a moderator. The aim of this blog post is to introduce you to the IA criteria and to give you some tips and suggestions as to how you can achieve your best possible grade.了解更多



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